Data center project management

Top Data Center Management Challenges faced by Data Center managers

Since long, data centers are supposed to store a considerable amount of data and application. But as a business operation grows with each technology advancements, there is always a pressure on data centers to expand and evolve in terms of capacity and capability. In return, this has made data center project management a task in itself. There is an increased pressure on data center managers to implement the changes while maintaining smooth operations.

As the business world is inching towards technological changes, IT leaders and CIOs are expected to formulate plans for optimal usage of data centers, providing high UX, maintain Service Level Agreements and a lot more. One of the main challenges most data center managers face is managing the current data storage capacity of the business.

So, what are the other impending challenges faced while managing the data center as per IT professionals from IT consultant companies.

Infrastructure Consolidation:
As stated above, the biggest challenge for data center managers is to utilize the current data storage capacity of the business to the fullest and determine ways the business can optimally use the already available resources. The best way to tackle this challenge is to take into account all the data storage subsets and examine how they can be crossly consolidated for optimal usage.

Governance and Control:
As the businesses today are increasingly adopting cloud storage services, the transition from a soiled environment to the cloud has made the task of maintaining and controlling of data a challenge. There is a need for data managers to maintain transparency while utilizing virtual as well as physical storage resources. To counter this challenge, there is a need for centralized management and system to monitor and control their consumption of the funds.

Orchestration and Scale:
Every data center has its limits and storage capacity. In today’s business world, user experience affects a business significantly. Thus it is essential to focus on tasks that are most important for the business. Another challenge for data center managers is to keep an eye on the workload behavior and align them as per priority. The best way to counter this challenge is to identify the co-dependencies of any technology or workload if any exists and following it. Furthermore, having high VM density across physical resources can help the data center scale.

Put the User in the Center:
Keeping the end users at the central focus while managing the data storage capability of a business is vital for the success of any data center management project. To do that, it is essential to review the needs and requirements of the end users, stakeholders and associates and look for a way to implement a storage plan that is flexible and self-reliant. A data manager should go beyond data virtualization and focus on integrating the resource to ensure optimal usage of the data storage capacity. Besides this, the most daunting challenge faced by data center managers is maintaining consistency in quality performance. As the business world gets dynamic with new technological advances, it is a big task for most to keep up with the latest trends.