Three most neglected resources to manage your e-commerce venture

Technology has brought about game-changing developments to the e-commerce landscape and has served to improve and innovate the way this industry has been run over the years. From artificial intelligence, machine learning technologies and cloud-computing technology just to name a few, many e-commerce ventures have been hugging the limelight with the use of such resources.

Technological capabilities can now be enhanced for businesses by IT consulting firms in Virginia, Florida or anywhere else in the United States without fear of falling behind on business solutions technologies out there.

Ultimately, the key to this is getting the ideal IT business solutions to suit your e-commerce venture. Unfortunately, there are a lot of resources that are often mislooked by many owners, which has resulted in the untimely or sometimes disappointing outcome of their e-commerce business.

Here are three of the most neglected tools to be aware of:

Lack of proper IT support

A recent survey has revealed that 27% of small businesses do not have or lack proper IT support. Technology has ushered small businesses to become competitive with large corporations, such as the integration of resources to increase profit margins, automate operational and management processes, just to name a few.

With the absence or lack of IT support, it’s difficult to take advantage of the tools that are available to you today. These resources include data security, server maintenance, workstation maintenance, web presence, Email, and so much more.

The power of websites

Sadly only 53% of small businesses have their own websites, this means that almost half the number of small businesses do not have websites and consequently restricts web presence. People go to Google to look for a local company, restaurant, a service, or any information. It’s disheartening to do business with you can’t find online or any information to make it more accessible.

A mobile powerhouse

Look no further from your pockets or tablet sleeves and revel at the power of your smartphone or tablet device. A study conducted by research group Nielsen reported that 87% of tablet and smartphone owners shop online using their mobile devices.

E-commerce businesses need to harness the power of mobile technology if they want to see a boost in sales or performance. Formatting your websites and making it compatible with mobile devices can help you step up your edge in the e-commerce market.